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Don’t Patronize Me, If I’ve already bought your product!

piracyPersonally I don’t agree with the rapidly increasing online piracy problem or believe it is even nessasary anymore with the rise of quality Open Source, Freeware and Ad-sponsored software being a more than adequate solution for many general computer users work and entertainment needs. As a result this blog will always keep you up to date on the best of these recession friendly software solutions(As well as the paid best), so you as an educated user can frugally accomplish your daily tasks without the fear of a crippling legal battle. Also it enable you to purchase no doubt superior hardware from the savings you made from outfitting your system for free yet again speeding up your workflow. I’m by no means saying free software is always the best solution, but it should be judged equally and fairly for its merits and if you do need specialist functionality in a paid programme buy it to thank the developers!

Unfortunately many computer users do not take this same approach to respecting other parties work which has forced companies into justly protecting the propertry content, but their methods have always been wrong, especially with these ridiculous unskipable anti-piracy propaganda adverts on DVD’s you have ‘purchased’ appear to have taken the same misguided stance on the problem for years as shown below. They have become such an annoyance that when combined with honest peoples daily tasks being hindered by bloaty DRM laden software this leaves users riled up at these compainies so much that it just invokes the desire to pirate mediocre but necessary bloaty utilitys as they don’t feel worth the financial reimbursement . Ironically the comedy industry now parodies these lame retaliations and It is only fair that I include its views on the problem.

So here are 3 piracy videos. The first shows an early attempt at informing people of the crime of software piracy, the second shows todays MPAA’s modern retake on the crime of movie piracy with some added external statistics to see how this affects your feelings towards the apparently suffering movie industry. Lastly we have Futurama’s ironic response to the terrible methods still used today to stop piracy, as its return to the television is mildly credited to the shows pirated success on the internet revealing to the broadcasting networks the publics desire for the show to return to the airwaves and its financial value.

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