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Top 15 iPhone Cases

iPhone owners the world over all buy the device for different reasons and use them accordingly to match their personal lifestyle. This diversity in functionality is thanks mainly to the App Store, and is one of the main contributors to the phones success in many work environments. As a result this user customisation is spreading to the phones accessories and in perticular protective cases. So I have categorised the main 15 different types of iPhone users to see where you fit in and paired their various needs to the best iPhone case available to improve their smartphone experience.

1. Photographers Case3GS Factron Quattro Case – Features a very strong aluminium protective case with a screw mount fitting for a range of lenses to enhance the shooting ability of the 3G+ with Macro/Wide Angle/Fisheye though results are best with the 3GS and the lower distortion Wide Angle lenses.


2. Apple Fanboy CaseFelt Mac Classic Slip On


3. Gamers CaseMophie Juice Pack Air Case – The worlds thinnest rechargeable external iPhone battery Case. It more than doubles the life of the iPhone from a single charge enabling you to game just that little bit longer. Also it converts the iPhone port to the universal mini USB for charging and connectivity which is a useful touch if you carry lots of other gizmos that use the universal format.


PS. Coming Soon though is the iControlPad Case which might just take the Gamers case crown as it makes games such as Quake considerably more playable by your fingers not interfering with your view of the game!

4. Music Lovers CaseIPOW Flip Case With Speaker – This case has a rear set of stereo speakers to work in unison with the included 2 in the iPhone and also like the Mophie includes an external rechargeable battery to help keep your iphone and the extra speakers going as a miniature boombox for the life of the party. This would be perfect for festival goers who are willing to take functionality over aesthetics. The Flip down screen protection is a nice addition though as it can double as a stand that is missing in many more expensive cases.


5. Budget Student CaseQubits Soft Touch Hybrid Shell Case Skin – This good quality rubber case is an absolute bargain as it also includes an touch through overlay film to protect the screen from key scratches ect. in your pocket giving your iPhone complete protection for just over £5


6. Designer CaseThe Walkman is my personal favourite arty case from the collection on etsy, but I love lots of the cases from the talented artists on there. So here is a bonus top 15 handmade artistic iPhone cases as this is a design based site! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


7. Waterproof CaseOtterbox Armor Case – The only useable hard waterproof case for the iPhone on the market at a price that reflects this, therefore the simpler and cheap Aquapac bubble case is good solution if you just need a temporary solution for a dive ect. but it isn’t touch friendly or strong. Now back to the Otterbox Amour Case, it is one of the strongest cases on the market featuring an inner shock cage and external clam housing with tightly fitted rubber seals that enable a watertight seal on the iphone to 1m. The case isn’t particularly popular though due to it very bulky size and limited waterproofing depth and has become superseded by Otterbox’s equally strong but sleeker Defender case shown below, the trade off though is that it is only water resistant.


Otterbox 3GS Defender Case – The leading high impact protective iPhone case on the market, featuring the same inner shock cage and rubber grips of it older brother in a much thinner design for the construction site. The only drawback is its external badly designed belt holster box which includes a screen protector but allows the phone to fall out if you lean over as it doesn’t grip the the great Defender case.


8. Geek CaseWildCharger Conductive Charge Pad & Case


9. Modder CaseiCustom Transparent iPhone Body – Image from the great Gizmodo – This Russian iPhone body replacement is popular in the moding community to show off what changes you have made to your phone, as it allows complete visual access to the internals of the iPhone without sacrificing the phones form factor.


10. Emergency/ Traveller CaseMobileFun Solar Charging Case – The priceless little gem which is very hard to get hold of now can fully charge your iPhone in just over 3 hours of sunlight thanks to an integrated solar panel on the screen cover. This case would be perfect to people going on hiking trips as the GPS will never leave the phone out of juice, helping your stay on your plotted route 24/7. I seriously hope another company starts producing a similar case soon and for the same bargain price MobileFun did as I cant see who wouldn’t want to never have to worry about an important call going dead because you forgot to top up the charge on the phone before you left for work in the morning.


11. WTF CaseNoreve Diamond Leather Case – If you have the money to burn on the App I’m Rich then this case is the perfect accompaniment even if it does looks this bad wih 272 diamonds.


12. Rural Dwellers CaseGriffin Clearboost Case – Griffin have done something very useful for those who frequently suffer dropped calls because of spotty coverage on their forced contract network. Without requiring you to remove or modify any part of your iPhone you can enjoy increased call reception and reduced data packet loss by just poping on this case.


13. Clubbers CaseJailbreak iPhones onlySnaptureFlash Case – This case works in conjuction with the unofficial iPhone App Snapture on a jailbroken iPhone and can synchronize the cases Xenon flash to go off with the full screen shutter making your nightclub drunken photos much more reliable! This case is a must if you are already jailbreaker as it is fairly cheap and fixes one of the most serious design flaws in the current 3GS!


14. Video Lovers CaseiClooly Clip Case – This simple case takes the classic belt clip and turns it into a stand. The clip can also rotate 90 degrees in either direction to enable the stand to work in landscape mode for video. This case is really useful for people who use photo screensaver App’s or leave a calender App open 24/7.


15. Minimalist Professional CaseIvySkin Reflectscreen 3G – This mirror finish screen protecting film is simple and stylish way to protect you iPhone without tarnishing Apples designers efforts in creating a sleek sexy device. The mirror effect is only visible in certain light and a select angles so it doesn’t interfere with your use of the phone but to improve your security for onlookers either side of you it does. Women will love this film as it provides an inconspicuous pocket mirror to use anywhere without giving away their OCD vanity checks!


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